Features | Grow your digital tutoring Business with BeMasterly

Limitless Professionalism

  • A personalised website created just for you, so that you can showcase your professional side to the world and have your online tutoring venture grow exponentially.
  • Digitisation of the classroom which enables data protection, better utilisation of time and manpower, eliminates repetitive tasks and keeps you at par with the digital world.
  • A seamless fee management system that comes with reminder notifications, payment receipts, online/offline modes of payment, flexible payment options and more.

Limitless Efficiency

  • An extensive collection of practice tests and exams with automated checking for any number of students.
  • Attendance management made easy, so you have more time to focus on teaching, while also maintaining systematic records.
  • Hassle-free homework checking that comes with an annotation tool to convey appropriate feedback in the most efficient way possible.
  • Keep track of your students’ performance with the ability to generate multiple reports solely focused on tracking their progress through the student information system.

Limitless Engagement

  • A world of wisdom with exclusive Navneet content delivered to provide an enriched learning experience that is trusted and revered for over 6 decades.
  • Stay in touch with parents effortlessly, through an advanced education management system that sends out notifications, keeping them up to date regarding their child’s progress.

Limitless Growth

  • Live classes with 80+ tools and features which include impeccable video quality, that enables two-way communication and automated recording, giving you a real classroom experience, even outside of it.
  • Enjoy limitless student and tutor enrollments and leave the stress of managing a big class to us, because, when it

Enhance your professional tutoring journey.