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Every Monday 6:30pm - 7:30pm


1 hour per week


$10/month. Attend your first livestream free. No credit card required

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We’re currently building out our curriculum to include more skills-based courses in tech & startups.

We’re focused on helping you build tangible skills that help you add value to your company, or make the transition into the tech industry.

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What else will I learn?

Join brilliant minds every week in our interactive livestreams to stay engaged and find signal in the noise.

  • Explore live case studies of high growth startups and successful blue chip companies
  • Learn universal principles of leadership, influence and systems disruption from experts across all fields.
  • Expand your innovation toolset via Q&A’s on growth hacking, design thinking, branding and analytics.
  • Hone your problem solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.
  • Stay at the frontier of the emerging technologies reshaping industries

How it works

Learn new topics quickly in 1 hour sessions. Implement your learnings in the flow of your work.

  • Tune into our livestream every Monday night @ 6:30 pm AEST
  • Join a conversation with a future builder at the leading edge
  • Drive the discussion by submitting and up-voting questions
  • Receive actionable tips, tools, frameworks that you can implement in the flow of your work
  • Contribute to thought leadership in our Future Builders Facebook group and meet like minds

What makes us unique?

1. Live conversations: Join themed livestreams with experts and drive the conversation by asking your own questions. Imagine sitting in front of your dream mentor for an hour each week with a bunch of like minds, exploring what’s important to you as a group.

2. Build your latticework of mental models: Excelling in your career and driving true innovation requires you to continually learn new ways of seeing the world. We know you want to draw principles from many disciplines and apply them in a way that forges new ground.

3. Learn in the flow of your work: We know you’re busy and we don’t want to add to that burden. That’s why we’ve designed a product that doesn’t take up much of your time. We want to see you applying the ideas you learn in real life, to the projects you’re already doing at work. We believe that’s the best way to learn.

Who is the membership for?

Future builders come in all shapes and sizes.

They are founders, corporates, scientists,  designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, politicians, investors, public servants, and  journalists.

They are men, women, young and old and everything in between.

They don’t accept the status quo, always seeing the gaps – in markets, products, systems, companies, and policies.

They see the world for what it could be.

Unlike most though, they are not complacent. They strive relentlessly to take us closer to their vision.

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What’s included in the membership?

The membership includes:

  • Reserve a spot in our weekly members-only livestreams
  • Get direct access to world-leading founders, CEO’s and domain experts
  • Get your business, tech and professional development questions answered by experts
  • Receive a weekly learning kit – which includes summarised insights, tools and tips to implement in the flow of your work.
  • Meet new like-minded peers and build your professional network. Find your tribe

The Masterly online campus

Our online campus is easy to use and accessible right around the globe.

  • Masterly live classes are held via our members only livestream dashboard. Once you’re in you can tune in and collaborate from anywhere on any device.
  • The weekly summary packs are sent via email and published via our learning dashboard. You keep access to the content and projects for as long as you want them.
  • Throughout the week you will get access to a Masterly community channel so you can continue to network and learn with like-minded peers from around the world.
“I'm generally sceptical of online learning. But Masterly is super engaging and interactive. I'm a curious person so loved being able to ask questions and get to the bottom of what I need to explore further to level up in my own practice”

Usman Iftikhar ~ Commonwealth Young Person of the Year

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Financing options

Our learning membership is $10 a month, the price of a coffee a week. We take payments online via credit/debit card If you’ve tried a handful of talks and aren’t seeing the value in it, there’s no lock in contract.

Yes, it’s more than a free online course, and that’s for good reason. We’re not offering you just another online course with pre-recorded videos and multiple choice tests. We know that doesn’t work. And deep down, so do you. Not if you truly want to immerse yourself, learn from leading minds and apply this learning to your work with a global community alongside you.

Ready to apply for a free trial?

We have limited capacity and will be capping the intake at 50 students, so get your application in quick.

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Our learning membership is $10 a month.

We take payments online via credit/debit card.

If you’ve tried a handful of talks and aren’t seeing the value in it, there’s no lock-in contract.

No, however, it is the pillar piece of learning that informs the theme of the week so we’d strongly recommend attending!

Not here there’s not. There’s no previous required experience to take this course. All we ask is that you bring a curious and open mind.

You’re not expected to come to an overcrowded, windowless classroom and sit in those tiny, uncomfortable chairs. All Masterly courses, including this one, are delivered using the latest online, mobile friendly tech. You can choose to engage with this course from a beach in Sydney or an office in San Fransisco, the choice really is yours.

The age-old question, eh… When it comes to learning, we believe practical and transferrable skills are more important than a certificate you can hang on a wall. That’s why our courses are project-based, giving you an actionable portfolio of work for you to take with you.

Having said that, we know some of you really like certificates (and still do some old school employers), so we’ve got you covered. You’ll receive an official Masterly digital certificate of completion at the end of each live talk that you can stick on your resume, LinkedIn or Twitter profile. Wherever you think it will add the most value.

They can, and if they’re serious about your development, they should. Send us an email and we’ll be happy to walk you through how to approach getting funding from your employer to take this Masterly course.

Yeah you can! This membership is designed to fit into the daily rhythms of your life. We built it with hard working, dedicated and high performing amazing people just like you in mind.

We expect each week you’ll spend anywhere from 1-4 hours on the live classes, student discussions, feedback, and projects.

We get it, you have lives too. It happens. And is no problem. The live classes are all recorded and saved in the dedicated course Slack channel.

If you’re a curious learner then we expect you have even more questions. To that, we say: Bring it on! Send us an email and we’ll get back to you.


We are here to help at all times throughout your learning journey. Each masterly cohort has “coaches” that are dedicated to your success throughout your weekly sprints.

We also know you want to work directly with the course leaders and get feedback from them on your projects. This is a big part of our learning model. You will have direct access to the course leaders in the course slack channel.

We offer free week trials so that approved members are able to trial Masterly before subscribing. However, if you’re not satisfied we offer partial refunds to the value of 75% up to the end of week 2 of your membership.

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