Artificial intelligence, cyrptocurrency, 3D printing, cyber security, healthcare informatics, robotics, blockchain, bitcoin, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. These are the concepts that are probably bombarding your newsfeeds and are the innovations that fall under the umbrella of disruptive technologies.

Harvard Business School Professor Clay Christiansen coined the term ‘disruptive technology’ in 1997, defining technologies and strategies that force the way businesses or entire industries operate to change, or risk losing market share or becoming irrelevant.

While larger businesses are focused building and maintaining existing products, disruptive companies slip in the backdoor and target overlooked customers with new products, gaining a foothold into an established market- effectively interrupting the status quo, and forcing larger companies to accept the changes.

From finance to government, energy to telecommunications, healthcare to transport, it’s hard to imagine an industry that doesn’t have a niche for tech innovation to disrupt.

How will disruptive tech change the face of your industry?

Masterly has  identified the 3 technologies that are anticipated to drive massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years, and is delivering the information on how these technologies could transform your life, your business, and the global economy through the following course curriculums:



Masterly is an online business school that partners with the world’s leading brands and practitioners to deliver courses on the latest business and technology trends.

We believe that the most up to date ideas, knowledge and best practices are within industry. We’ve made it our mission to surface this amazing content and pass it forward using a learning model that emphasises live classes, peer to peer learning and practical projects that you can put into action, not just hang on a wall.

Masterly was created for business professionals who want to improve their career or business. For curious learners who want to stay relevant.

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