You don’t have to be a coder to work for a startup

It is a common misconception that most people working in the tech industry are coders.

Facebook’s COO – Sheryl Sandberg. Prior to tech Sheryl studied economics and worked in govt


Would it surprise you to learn that in the 2018 Startup Muster report (supported by Atlassian, Google and University of Technology Sydney) that the skill sets for founding teams were mostly business related?

Out of the top five founding team skill sets only one was software development (49.9%).

The other four were:

    1. General business operations (56.1%)
    2. Strategy (55%)
    3. Project management (55%)
    4. Sales and Business Development (40.2%)

This is the same for larger tech startups. Roughly 55,000 of Uber’s 60,000 strong workforce work in business roles like operations, business development, and marketing.

So I could be a fit. What’s next?

So, you’ve got the skills that startup founders need but you don’t know whether or not joining a startup is the right thing to do. To find out if joining a startup is the right choice you need to do three things:

  1. Understand who you are and what’s important to you (so that when an opportunity presents itself you recognise the fit).
  2. Understand how startups really work so that you can work out whether you would fit in and lastly…
  3. Understand what the culture and skills application gap is between your current job and the one you want in a startup.

Our purpose

Masterly has a singular purpose. We’re the masters of transition from corporate roles to non technical roles in startups.

Our expertise comes from:


Riley Batchelor is a startup veteran

Riley is a tech entrepreneur and startup advisor. He has founded 5 technology startups over the last 13 years and hired hundreds of people. He is an experienced growth marketer, having launched and grown startups in education, e-commerce, home services, fashion and media.

“If you’re serious about working in startup be prepared for anything. You’ll definitely be able to use the skills you’ve honed over many years in your corporate role but in a startup you’ll need to apply them in a very different context – startups are experimental businesses so be ready for lots of changes in direction and course corrections”



Jacob Muller is a startup networker

Five years ago, Jacob was a business services accountant working for a firm in Sydney’s CBD. Looking for something more, he made the transition to the startup space, launching 4 ventures including Catalysr, an award winning startup accelerator funded by Atlassian’s Co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes. He’s also an active member of the Sydney Startup community, having coached over 100 founders via Catalysr, UTS Startups & Remarkable Tech.

“Behind every charismatic startup CEO, there is a legion of brilliant, outside-the-box people who continually push the boundaries of what’s possible. Every employee is constantly learning, while knowing that their effort will have a tangible impact on the success of the company. It’s hard work, but the fruits of success are worth every trial”.


Morgan Williams is a career management expert

Since 2002 Morgan has supported many hundreds of Australians in making the transition from one job to another, either inside their organisation or into a new one. He is in the middle of making his own transition into the startup space so he knows how you feel. During the day he’s a Senior Designer at a multi award winning design studio and in his free time he’s the Head of Design for Masterly.

“Most people look back on their career and see that it’s basically a series of choices that you didn’t think that much about – you saw a job advert and applied and then found out what it was actually like when you got there…or maybe someone you know asked you to apply. Some jobs were a great cultural fit for you, some not. Our mission at Masterly is helping you to identify and then transition to the right startup role for you…not just one with an interesting title’


Find out more

If you want to speak to Jacob (the founder coach) about our transition to technology program please click here – we are the masters of transition from corporate to technology roles. We’re your careerbuilder.

Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams

Morgan is the Head of Design at Masterly