Consumption is changing. Millennials are watching 40% less TV every year, and spending 35% more time on their phones on social media every year.

Brands and agencies can no longer reach today’s youth using traditional forms of advertising: it’s costly, it’s inefficient and it’s hard to monitor.

Influencer marketing generates an 11 x higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising: influencers get amazing reach, they generate strong engagement, their followers are loyal and you can measure the performance of each individual post.

As the market leaders in influencer marketing in NZ, the Social Clubs goal is to continue educating and growing the market. They have 3,500 influencers who they are helping earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, for over 350 leading brands including Jeep, Coca-Cola, Fonterra and Visa.

Georgia McGillivray has worked in advertising and digital agencies in NZ, Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. She has witnessed the rise of influencer marketing in each of these territories and the amazing results it was generating for clients.

Georgia saw the opportunity to move back to NZ and build a platform that removes the pain points and makes it easy and accessible for anyone to run an influencer campaign.

Masterly asked Georgia about the challenges of raising a Startup to success, how data analytics comes into play for their clients, interesting trends she has seen in user interactions and more! Watch the full episode below.

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