Its only April, but it’s already been a big year for blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that’s disrupting industries by enabling new ways to transact. It’s no wonder blockchain blogs and podcasts have seen such enormous growth in content and audience.

Here is a list with a little something for everyone, whether you’re just getting into blockchain and want to learn more about the technology or you want to explore industry use cases for insights into implementation.

We know this is nowhere near a definitive list, and here at Masterly, we love to learn more, so drop us a line at if you think your favourite blockchain blog or podcast should be on this list.





Coin Desk is blockchain blog that was founded by Shakil Khan in 2013 and one that focuses on digital currencies, blockchain, altcoins as well as Bitcoin. This the leading source for industry news with updated cryptocurrency prices, it also covers different things like blockchain events, active people in the field, price movements and companies in the blockchain world.



Also known as the ‘Let’s Talk Bitcoin’ blog, this news site is among the list of the most popular blockchain blogs because of the in-depth analysis and news on the trends, articles, podcasts as well as discussion forums where people can gather and discuss the recent topics.



CCN is a great website to follow. It was found in 2013 as an independent news source covering a lot of crypto topics. As such, it easily grew into one of the most popular blockchain websites out there focused on different technologies, events, regulations and many other sources of information.


Bits on blocks | Thoughts on blockchain technology

Bits on blocks was launched in 2015 by Antony Lewis. Bits on blocks strives for clear, practical articles that are accessible to business people. Bits on blocks believes that cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology can make the world better.


Reddit | Blockchain

Want to really get lost in the world of Blockchain? Dive fingertips first into the blockchain reddit thread. Our only guarantee – you won’t come back the same.


Blockchain Unleashed: IBM Blockchain Blog

 The IBM Blockchain blog hosts news, interviews, conversations, stories, and opinions from the blockchain community, inside and outside of IBM. Experts discuss how blockchain technology is changing the world and impacting business networks, transaction workflows, distributed ledgers that are replicated and permissioned, and a lot more.


Blockchain at Berkeley

Blockchain at Berkeley is the first university-based eco-system for blockchain technology, specializing in educating the community, facilitating innovative projects and discussion, and helping companies benefit from blockchain technology by identifying use cases, building out prototypes, and integrating solutions


Global Blockchain Technologies

Global Blockchain is an investment company that provides investors access to a mixture of assets in the blockchain space, strategically chosen to balance stability and growth. Global Blockchain invests in new markets enabled by Blockchain Technology.





Hashpower is a three part audio documentary that explores the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with leaders in the field. One of the best podcasts to introduce yourself to the fundamentals of bitcoin, blockchain and the concept of decentralisation.



Laura Shin- a senior editor at Forbes- talks with industry pioneers across tech, financial services, health care, government and other sectors about how the blockchain and fintech will open up new opportunities for incumbents, startups and everyday people.



If you want to further your knowledge of blockchain technology, we’re teaming up with Australia’s leading minds and brands in the blockchain space. To cut through the noise and deliver a learning experience from those who are leading this blockchain revolution through our 5 week, part-time, online course Understanding blockchain and its impact on your industry.

Students will learn what blockchain is, what problems it solves, where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether fit in, what use cases there are and opportunities that it presents both now and in the future.

You’ll learn first-hand how blockchain is being used to decentralise everything from money to household energy. And you’ll do it alongside up to 199 other curious students. You’ll apply actionable learnings to your industry and create a portfolio of 5 transferrable blockchain related projects.

The course is for open, ambitious and curious learners looking to stay relevant. It’s for anyone interested in learning about blockchain and how it is redefining entire industries around the globe. It’s for employees, managers, leaders, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone in between. There’s no previous experience required. All we ask is that you bring a curious mind.

We’re pleased to announce that this course will be delivered in partnership with:

  • Horizon State are using of blockchain technology to address the security of the vote.
  • Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) who act as the industry body to represent Australian businesses participating in the digital economy through blockchain technology.
  • Power Ledger who ran Australia’s first ICO and are using blockchain to decentralise power
  • H2 ventures a leading Australian fintech investment firm
  • who are tackling Ethereum smart contracts in the legal and industrial sectors
  • Digital Value Australia who are seeking to become Australia’s leading independent blockchain consultancy and investment services provider.

Our last Blockchain course sold out in record time, so join the cohort early and secure your spot!

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