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Top 5 benefits of using BeMasterly tutoring platform.

The professional online tutoring platform that your profession needs.

The one-stop online tutoring platform to empower your students to strive towards excellence.

Tutoring isn't just about teaching. It's a responsibility that exceeds the regular 9-3 teaching. It involves going above and beyond what's generally required to help students understand topics that were previously beyond their grasp.
That's why it's so important to have the right online tutoring platform to support you by handling the adjacent tasks while you focus on what you do best - teaching.
So, let's get to it - why BeMasterly?

Setting up a professional, personalised website

Ever felt the need to appear a tad bit more professional in front of others? As a tutor, there is a need to exude professionalism not just in the way you teach but also in the way you present yourself. From a well-crafted website to the way you communicate with the parents, it's important to handle things in an organised way.
BeMasterly can do this and more for you. And with a personalised website, people can find you more easily, which boosts your visibility.

Making tutoring truly hassle-free

Online classes are a breeze when you have the right online tutoring platform to back you up. From scheduling classes to sharing notes, images, videos, etc., there are a lot of things that need to be done perfectly to ensure every student gets the best learning experience.
When you're on the BeMasterly Teaching Platform, you have an arsenal of efficient tools at your disposal, which are designed with your needs in mind.
Teach your students effectively with a whiteboard that's well-equipped with tools to help make lessons clearer. You can also upload notes and other related material for your students to refer to later. Besides, if you could set up classes, assess homework, give out tests, assess MCQs, etc., automatically, wouldn't your life be a lot easier?

Automating day-to-day tasks, like attendance

SYes, you read that right, AUTOMATING. With BeMasterly's incredibly efficient attendance management system you won't have to worry about dragging registers along with you every day.
BeMasterly ensures the attendance is updated through an automated system regularly. So, you won't have to waste time on day-to-day tasks. You could focus on the things that matter instead.

Going beyond the books

As a tutor, you know the need to go above and beyond to ensure your students are successful in their endeavours. But to effectively tutor students, you would require extensive exam preparation that almost always goes beyond the books.
With BeMasterly's extensive content library (courtesy of Navneet Publications) at your disposal, you can take your online tutoring to a whole new level. Choose from our priceless collection of exam materials that cover every educational test preparation avenue. Not just that, your students, when inspired, can also access these question banks to better understand their subjects or grow beyond the curriculum.

Keeping track of your progress

Despite all our efforts, we often wonder if everything really is on track as it seems? It is difficult to monitor all the tasks that are on hand and stay on top of the progress at the same time. If only there was an online tutoring software that could do that, right!?
Well, BeMasterly's impeccable tracking capabilities and precise reports give you a clear picture of exactly what is going on in your institute. With our comprehensive daily and monthly reports in hand, you can make plans accordingly, to achieve your goals.
Well, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to give the best online teaching platform a try for free!
It's time to BeMasterly!

Enhance your professional tutoring journey.