Cybersecurity innovation continues to be vital for defending against hackers who pose an increasingly deadly threat, a problem that is exacerbated by a widening skills gap that is affecting the tech industry as a whole.

Data breaches and cyber attacks continue to besiege IT departments, so not surprisingly, the nearly $100 billion cyber security market continues to thrive, driving innovation and spurring more and more startups to enter the space.

Here are the 5 top cyber security startups, all founded within the last few years,  who are addressing hot security areas like AI and machine learning, and IoT.

These startups all hail from Australia and offer a wide range of different services for a variety of industries.

“Ones to watch” is an understatement.

Token One

Australian cyber security company TokenOne has become the first local business to be selected by the United States National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence and will work with a consortium to tackle identity theft and fraud in e-commerce through multi-factor authentication.

The company, which has developed authentication technology that does away with traditional passwords by utilising one-time pad principles (a crypto algorithm in which plaintext is combined with a random key) to create unique, unbreakable codes, was selected alongside six major cyber security players including Splunk and RSA.


Cog Systems

Cog Systems secure IoT.

The Internet of Things (anything connected to a network), is seeing a massive increase and acceleration of the number of devices connected to the internet, interacting, and communicating with one another.  These will have a dramatic impact on our daily lives, ultimately for the better.  Everything including lights, appliances, pacemakers, cars, mobile devices, etc, are all becoming connected and extending into our homes, workplaces, SCIFs, cities, and even our bodies.

Cog Systems objective is to both build and enable the world’s most robust and secure connected devices. They seek to build and evolve a new set of foundations built around the concepts of modularity with fundamentals of security, trustworthiness, robustness, fault tolerance, and adaptability.



Hivint was established in 2015 to fundamentally change the way information security professional services are provided and consumed in the Australian market. Today’s approach to cyber-security is “every man for themselves,” which is illogical in the threat environment we are facing. Hivint believe “community driven security” is the future of information security management.

The name Hivint, is derived from “Hive Intelligence,” and in the same way the collective knowledge of the beehive goes far beyond the knowledge of the individual bees at any point in time, they provide customers with a level of security advice and resources that they could not individually achieve.


GoPC is one of the pioneers of hosted virtual desktops and cloud computing. The team behind GoPC created one of Australia’s most successful ASP’s (Application Service Provider) and having survived the Dot.Com crash continued innovating. They invested everything they had into building their collective dream of launching an ultra-low cost Desktop-as-a-Service via the Internet.

GoPC’s desktop and network have all of the components of sophisticated PC/Server networks with none of the headaches. It’s more than web apps and cloud storage. It’s a complete solution that can be implemented one PC at a time.

Best of all, GoPC’s high-performance, virtual machine technology and secure cloud eliminates the endpoint security problem.

“You can’t hack a virtual machine that no longer exists.”



Based in Melbourne, Netcyrpt builds innovative data security technologies that empower organizations to choose and to have full visibility over where their data is stored, who has access to it and who can share this data.

NetCrypt data vaults provide an ultra secure perimeter around your organization’s data, no matter where it resides – user end-points, on the server or in the cloud. IT maintains complete ownership, visibility and control to ensure data security and business continuity.


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