Higher education has never sat well with us.

It requires a long-term time commitment, an exorbitant amount of cash (or debt) and learning from lecturers who, let’s be honest, aren’t always at the cutting edge of technology despite their unintentionally cool tweed jackets.

That’s why we created Masterly; An online business school that partners with the world’s leading brands and practitioners to deliver courses on the latest business and technology trends.

We believe that the most up to date ideas, knowledge and best practices are within industry. We’ve made it our mission to surface this amazing content and pass it forward using a learning model that emphasises live classes, peer to peer learning and practical projects that you can put into action, not just hang on a wall.

Masterly was created for business professionals who want to improve their career or business. For curious learners who want to stay relevant.

Does that sound like you?

Then join us and #bemasterly

Pssst, want to learn more? Send us an email at hello@bemasterly.com