We need to learn faster

Technological change is accelerating at breakneck speed, and with that, the nature of industries and our work are changing too.

We as humans increasingly need to learn, and reinvent ourselves to stay relevant in this fast moving world.

But today’s education (mostly) sucks

Yet, the tools for learning today are not fit for our purpose. Higher education is expensive and ineffective. Online courses have great content but they’re impossible to stay engaged with.

That’s why we started Masterly.

We are rebuilding education from the ground up. We’re designing it to be engaging and interesting, without interfering with your busy life. Most of all though, we want to help you become a better human by forming habits around continuous learning.

What we’re doing about it

Do you check instagram first thing in the morning? Do you scroll through Facebook mindlessly while you’re standing in line? Do you watch Netflix in the evenings? These are all habits that technology companies have conditioned into you to get

Imagine using the same neural circuitry to form positive habits around learning. What would be the results in a week? In a month? In a year?

We’re aiming to help you do that with Masterly, starting with our interactive Monday night livestreams. Join us every Monday night at 6:30pm to learn the skills, tools, frameworks and mindsets expert practitioners use to build the future.

Invest a little time every week to earn compound interest over time.

Does that something you could get behind?

Then join us and #bemasterly

Team Members

Jacob Muller

CEO, Co-Founder

Ben Delaney

CTO, Co-Founder

Riley Batchelor

Advisor, Co-Founder

Morgan Williams

Head of Design

Pssst, want to learn more? Send us an email at hello@bemasterly.com